Unique New York

I am in NY on family business and also visiting my lovely daughter here. (Hence the lag in posting the next part of my book… though I think of you constantly!) As Annie and I walked through midtown Manhattan yesterday, I noticed unique New York details, not just Times Square or the Empire State Building, but the curve on the underside of a bridge, the beaux arts apartment front, the beautiful little park on the median dividing Riverside Drive near 119th Street. To those who know and love New York, these bits of beauty in unexpected places identify NY as fully as its iconic landmarks. The same can be said of Houston, or Phoenix, or Vancouver. Those who know those cities know their unique beauty marks. I don’t travel to NY so I can find the same thing I see in Houston. Its uniqueness is what makes me smile.

The same is true of my kids. Five of them, raised somewhat the same, but different since birth. Now that I’m past the crowd-management stage, I am able to focus more fully on the unique bents that always emerge when I talk to any one of them one on one.

God surely sees us this way, too–not for our blending in but for our uniqueness. Not for how we agree with those around us but for our different perspective that puts an idea in a whole new light. I long to encourage us all to finding that freedom for which Christ has set us free.

“Why do you try so hard to fit in, when you born to stand out?” My daughter had this quote (from “What a Girl Wants”) on her FB page for a long time. So, so true. God created a countless species of plants, animals, food, and faces. My heart and my experience with Jesus tells me He also created us for a unique and specific part in the symphony. I, for one, am grateful.

2 thoughts on “Unique New York

  1. With my three teen boys I’m just starting to realize that it’s okay that I don’t raise them all the same way, in fact it’s imperative. Realizing this has allowed me to answer God’s call on my life as a mom. Have fun in NY!

    • Yes, it is imperative! And that’s the exact point – God interacts with us individually, doesn’t He? And it’s imperative that He does. How He gets my attention is different from how He gets my friend’s attention. In fact, His personal-ness is one of my favorite attributes about Him. I love it. 🙂

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