Good Water

Des_rosesThe first thing that showed up at my door for Mother’s Day was a dozen roses. My husband is good about sending flowers, and I was happy to receive them. Then I read the card: “Chris and Arielle,” my son and his fiancée. I burst into tears. What a surprise! (You kids have no idea how little it takes to make us Moms feel loved.) Each of my five children had a wonderful gift for me, but these roses opened the floodgates for the whole weekend!

I stood at the sink, tears flowing, snipping stems and putting them in the vase — oh the beautiful colors and the sweet smell. I added water and the plant food packet. The directions called for drinking water, but I’d run out, so I used tap.

An hour later, my beautiful roses had drooped dismally. Oh no. I made a quick run to the store, replaced the water, re-cut my stems, and used the second packet of plant food. I didn’t want to waste the first packet, but what could I do? Clearly this water was not doing them any good.

I am not one for regrets – you do the best you can at the time and move on. But as I longed my kids, I couldn’t help wishing I knew then what I know now. I wished I’d hugged them more, encouraged them more, let them know how much Jesus loves them – more. I wished I was able to be for them then what I am now.

I looked at my roses – they had perked up again. The new water revived them. I just stared at them. Now I saw it. My children also have perked up again. Replacing the water has brought revival to my kids. Of course, I did the best I knew when they were young — what could I know as a new mom? The maturity of years takes years. But our Jesus is about all about renewal. Those roses with good water are still dying, but we are not. The ongoing flow of Living Water continues to revive my children – and me. Hallelujah!

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