The Biggest Loser


Our church is doing WayFit, a fitness program led by Mark and Chism, contestants on last season’s The Biggest Loser. I usually work out in my own living room, so I wasn’t sure about this group situation. I showed up with some 250 people, off all sizes and fitness levels… and I loved it! Mark and Chism taught us simple exercises that take under half an hour (…simple but not easy!). Mark’s wife and a friend showed us how to keep track of our calorie intake (eating) and calorie output (exercise) using myfitnesspal, a free online app.

But here’s the deal: I had a blast. It was like family… good family. I loved that people who were way overweight or way thin felt equally comfortable. It was not about looking good but about health for the long haul. Chism showed us how to modify an exercise for any fitness level such as pushups against the wall so everyone could do them one way or the other. Someone went down and couldn’t get back up, and several around her helped her. We cheered for her like an athlete injured on the field!

Family. Doing life together. That is what the Body of Christ is all about. Feeling safe and included and known. That can be a challenge for a really large church. (It can be a challenge for a small church.) This WayFit program found one way to make it work.

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