A Struggling Bird

On my recent writing sabbatical, I took a long walk down a country road. A bird flapped mightily above me, to free himself — just his foot was caught in some entanglement or another. My heart went out to him. I’m not in the least an animal person, but this poor creature was struggling away fruitlessly. He was too far to reach with a stick, and I was sure my intervention would only hurt the bird, anyway.

Unnerved, I took up my walk and prayed for that little bird before resuming prayer for my kids. After only a minute or two, I turned back, and I looked up where the bird was. He was gone — oh, joy!

God reminded me that I have more power through prayer than I have any idea. I always want to do something — just let me help. But God is more effective than I ever could be, and I appreciated this incident just to show me.

I cannot fix the many wrongs in the world. I can’t get a stick and free anyone from the world’s entanglements. Unless God inspires me, my intervention will likely hurt more than help. But prayer changes the world! Prayer heals. Prayer fixes.

Watch out. I’ve got a powerful weapon, and I’m not afraid to use it!

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