Dad, Catch Me


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Helen Keller

Today, I talked with a lovely friend over lunch about things we enjoy: painting, creating, writing. I said I love to speak – I’m especially excited about an upcoming event. Am I afraid when I speak and do it anyway, she asked, or not afraid. I liked the question! I said I’m usually not afraid, I’m so thrilled. I’ve been afraid of many things, most of which never happened – like someone breaking in, or my husband crashing in a plane. Sometimes I’ve seriously biffed it, and God has mercifully protected me from humiliation! Other times, I’ve fallen flat on my face, and I was terribly embarrassed. Oh well.

God has shown Himself trustworthy; though He permits painful times, He has never hurt me.

God is taking my fears down in big chunks, showing me how little I really have to worry about.
I told my friend that it may not be courage as much as naivete! He’s moving me into fearless trust like a child who says, “Dad, catch me,” and jumps. Dad can barely reach out in time, but the child jumps. That is the direction God is pushing me.

Life’s too short as it is. Those “Dad, catch me” moments are the ones to live for. Who knows what thrill He’s got next. I feel confident to say that if He opens a door, I’m going through it.

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