Unique Journey

MorgennebelMy son Chris is getting married in a couple of weeks, our first. Whew — the pulse rate quickens! Have I told him enough how proud I am of him, how I love his beautiful bride? Have I told her enough how sweet they are together, that I’m thrilled she’ll be in the family? And how do I sufficiently warn them of the pitfalls? (I’m finishing a book on marriage—I have a lot to say!)

I received no advice when I married, but then, we were pretty much the only couple who’d ever been in love like this – ever. What could anyone have told us?

A road must be walked to be experienced. Like when Rob and I my first met at the London Book Fair: we had teatime at the concession stand and began to discover treasures we would love in each other for the rest of our lives. Or the birth of The Bunting (this same firstborn son who’s getting married): planned for home but ending in an emergency c-section. There was Rob, slipping me ice chips when the nurse was out of the room, and cheering with me to give birth before midnight so Chris would be born on 8-8-88! We made it with twenty minutes to spare. (Happy birthday, Chris.)

I cannot convey twenty-five years of experiences to these two I love so much. Raising five unique children into profoundly beautiful adults. Facing marriage roadblocks that nearly cost it all, but watching God renovate and restore. Transforming from unripe neophytes into seasoned adults. But then, those are our experiences, not theirs.

Nothing will prepare Chris and Arielle for what lies ahead. I guess they don’t need to be prepared; they need to know their Savior. They need to cling to Him with their whole being, and He will carry them through their own stories. In twenty-five years, they’ll watch their firstborn get married. Their pulse will quicken and they’ll say, “I wish we could tell them what we’ve learned!”

2 thoughts on “Unique Journey

  1. It sounds like when they go to college, the questions and doubts start rolling in, “Did I do enough?” But if we’ve shown them the Savior in our lives, we’ve done the only thing that’s needed. Congratulations!

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