Got a Date!

I’ve got a date. Bible study starts this morning, and I was having a little crisis-of-confidence about attending. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Usually love it, not sure I’m feeling it. Love to learn something new, see friends. Don’t love missing a morning with so much work to do.

Looked at the choices. Prayed. Is this a good one? Maybe this? Sure I want to commit when I’m so — bluh about it? Not sure. Then I saw it. Jesus whispered, This one. Saw that option this summer — no response. This time, I knew. Like a verse suddenly has your name on it. God is speaking to you.

I’m going. Don’t care what the subject is, honestly. Don’t care about missing the other studies — all good — this one was made for me. My best bud invited me, the love of my life. Personally. He must have exciting things planned. What?… This is Jesus’ personal invitation. To me.

Gotta run now. Got a date.


5 thoughts on “Got a Date!

  1. Susan,
    I’m glad your best friend invited you. HE called me also. I’m thrilled to be in the study with you and loved your input. I pray you will feel “known and valued”. Tearfully and without shame I will lift all of us Jesus Girls to HIM because “we were made for more”.

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