Prayer, prayer, prayer

“We must go forward on our knees.” Hudson Taylor, on bringing China the good news of Jesus Christ

Prayer. The journey of discovery continues. And I’m discovering that I have severely undervalued prayer. As if I’m living on a oilfield and I just use little buckets of oil here and there. I completely underestimate how much my life and my loved one’s lives would change if I tapped into its full potential. I talk about prayer — and I actually do pray throughout the day. But to slow down sufficiently in the mornings, to pray as fervently as the opportunity to pray deserves, well, that’s always been a challenge for me!

My kids are almost all out the door now. I am no longer in their lives every day, so I only know what’s going on by our talks on the phone… and what I read on Facebook. (Even when they were at home, how omnipresent am I, really?)

But God has given us an amazing gift, to be able to pray anytime we want about anyone or anything. What a remarkable opportunity. Like a credit card that is somehow connected to the oil well on my land — one that’s good anywhere, anytime, and it will never run out.

That was just my kids. What about my husband, the cries of his heart? I cannot answer those cries, but I can bring them, fervently, to the one who can. (Oh, I see. You take that card here, too!)

Then there’s all that God has put on my heart — the message of “Christ in you the hope of glory.” Delivering His wonderful truth in books, conferences and retreats. All of that I can bring to His throne. All of that only comes through Him.

Then there are friends, events, projects, our nation, our government. God has so much He’s willing to do. He’s given us unlimited access. The only limit to my prayer life is… me.

2 thoughts on “Prayer, prayer, prayer

  1. Yes we are the only limitations. When I’m missing my boys, I do pray and instantly feel connected to them spiritually. I confess, I never thought that would work, but it really does. God provides so many ways to bring us the peace that surpasses all understanding through the Trinity.

    • Aw! Yes, I’m with you. I wouldn’t have thought pray could connect me to them the way it does, but it’s true. In fact, it’s better because from me at home, they often just got me. Now they get so much greater because they get straight-up Jesus!

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