Just How Vulnerable Are We?

Four days ago, my daughter Annie’s apartment building in Brooklyn was decimated by Sandy.  She was safely at a friend’s, and her stuff was safely in her fourth floor apartment. But her building and the surrounding area may be uninhabitable for quite some time.

Two days ago, my daughter Hannah underwent surgery to repair her torn ACL. Surgery is always a risk, especially with general anesthesia, so I was relieved that everything went beautifully and she is now recuperating at home.

Three days ago, the day between those two events, I wept countless tears, grieving. My heart was tenderized by all of it. The devastation of Sandy and New Yorkers whose lives it disrupted or displaced. The risk to rescue workers in the line of duty. The job ahead of the cleanup crews. I cried for what might have been for Annie, and for what still lay ahead for Hannah.

Life is fragile. Our lives, lived in fleshly, human bodies, are vulnerable. Don’t we live our daily lives unaware of the sheer veil that separates us from tragedy-? Yet, one rip turns our lives inside-out. If Annie had been caught in that storm, or if Hannah’s doctors had slipped up, our lives would very different right now. But God’s still, small voice echoed in my heart.

Do not be afraid but have faith! Susan, you have a Savior! Whew. Thank You, Jesus. These events only point up the lack of control I already had. I’m handing all the pieces back to you, Jesus, to carry in Your arms… and, here, I’ll climb back up there, too.


* If you missed my Halloween blog (Torture: The Heart of Man), please read below. I posted around midnight, so you may missed it. 🙂


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