The Rainbow Connection

rainbowMy husband, daughter and I are on a ship right now. Out over the vast ocean, we saw a rainbow shooting out of the clouds into the water. Unlike most rainbows off in the distance, this one was right in front of us. We followed the arc around to the left and found the other side, pouring into the water. The top went behind dark clouds, but what we could see formed an arc, a perfect half-circle. What kind of phenomenon was this? Suddenly, the right side became transparent, like a hologram, then flickered out. The left side grew brighter, and suddenly it too was gone. Who is this God who creates such majesty?

My eyes were already full of tears. I am so easily moved by the power of God, by evidence of His nature—in a unexpected lightening storm, in a small child being kind to an even smaller child, in an old man pulling out a chair for his wife as she makes her way into it. I wonder if my tears at such things will stand out to my children in years to come when they remember me.

In moments the whole rainbow event was over. Perhaps others on the boat also saw, but it seemed to be a private showing. How many millions of delights does God offer us, intimate gifts to say, “Don’t forget that I am right here, all the time.”

When we draw near to God, we experience His presence. He reveals His grandeur to His children who love Him and seek after Him. The more we seek Him, the more we experience His presence. Oh, Lord, let our hearts look for You in every moment. Lord, I want my heart to be satisfied and to find my rest in You.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

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