Family Love Letters

Quill ink pen and inkwell, old notepad on wood tableI think our most under-expressed emotion is our love, appreciation and gratitude for each other. Don’t you? Isn’t that something we could always enjoy more of?

Hannah, my youngest, had a wonderful idea for Christmas this year: to write a personal card to each family member, saying how much we love them. Everyone included, we each wrote nine cards.

It was an amazing encouragement! Perhaps your family would write each other a year-end card to say, “Thank you for being you; I love you!” Here are some small snippets among all those cards exchanged.

“I value every second I get to spend with you, and even just watching your beautiful smile and see your face light up when God shows you something. :)”

“I stand amazed at my beloved girl, a wonderful treasure God has entrusted to us.”

“To watch you mature into such a fine young man makes my heart sing. I am overjoyed to be your mom and I miss you! I miss our bike rides around Market Street and beyond, and popping in to Starbucks to see you… even though I don’t care for coffee. :)”

“God has used you to bless so many lives, and so many more in the future.”

“You are a beautiful, precious, amazing person with rare gifts and tender heart for the Lord, for others, for me.”

“Possibilities. An open sketchpad. A blank songsheet. 🙂 Those are what lay ahead for you, my darling daughter.”

“I look forward to the coming minutes, days, months and years I get to spend with you, learning everything you have to teach. I love you, Mom.”

“You have taught me so much about life, love, decisions, (future) marriage, friendships, and even twinkie-hoarding. 🙂 From the tips of my heart to the very bottom of it is full of love for you, my Daddy.”

I hope, perhaps, you are inspired to share your love for your family in a tangible way.

6 thoughts on “Family Love Letters

  1. We had each of the children tell the Christmas story by explaining a Christian ornament under the tree and what it meant to the baby Jesus and the Christmas story.
    They each rehearsed the meaning and stories of Christmas and then smartly explained
    each Christmas ornament. They each told of God’s Christmas tradition and love with two or three ornaments. They were so cute and educated. Love Christmas

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