The Heart

Timothy McVeighToday’s post is not political — it is an analogy.

Human beings are compelled to look at behavior, assess behavior, and attempt to change behavior. We are compelled to try to arrange circumstances so that behavior will change. We can’t help trying to change behavior from without.

Jesus does not change behavior from without. He addresses the heart. When the heart changes, behavior naturally follows. When I receive the peace Jesus offers (that is beyond human understanding), then I can rest. But when my inner world is turmoil, I flail around to find some way from without to calm the inside. Of course that has never worked. Only healing of the chaotic world inside will bring peace outside. Only Jesus can bring that healing.

When Jesus does talk about behavior, it is to point out how utterly and completely people are unable to manage their behavior from the outside — and how desperately they need Him.

The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:6.

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