An Interruption to Fellowship

Two days I drove alone from Texas to Arizona. I was bringing a car to our son, and I had set up visits with my kids, plus two small retreats—so I had plenty to look forward to once I got there. But what a long drive. Would I get bored or claustrophobic?! Not sure. images-1I decided to load plenty of books and teachings on my phone, to play through the car speakers. God and I would talk at length about where we’re headed in ministry, what the next year holds, and hammer out details for the retreats. We have plenty to talk about, really.

My sweet husband loaded the car for me, got me all situated, and off I went. Well, to make a long drive short, it was a blast! God and I talked off and on; I listened to some great teaching; I even made notes by speaking them in to my phone. (What a day and age!) Before I knew it, the first day was over. I grabbed a bite and then slept. As I left the hotel for the second, shorter day—crazy as this sounds—I was already sad the drive would be over! The time had been so enjoyable, and productive, I didn’t want to finish.

I finally understood what I’d heard from Mike Wells and Mark Ford, two great teachers: “Ministry is an interruption to my time with God!” Now I could get my hands around that idea for myself. As much as I love my work, and my family, none of it compares to basking in deep fellowship with God Himself.

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