God is Great, God is Good

Deserted_streetMel kicked her feet as she waited for the school bus. A lone car approached and young men inside watched Mel, then slowly drove off. She glanced up the deserted street and across the adjacent empty field and waited. The guys drove by again, leering. She looked away. She knew she had no place to hide. They drove away and Mel whispered, “God, protect me.” Mel was used to asking for and receiving God’s protection in all the missionary work of her parents. She turned around and saw an old lady reaching out to her. “Are you okay?” she asked. Mel said, “Yes,” but her mind was racing: Is this your answer, Lord? I don’t think this lady is going to be any match for those guys. The car came again, and the young men leaned out the windows right next to Mel. Suddenly, their eyes locked with the old lady’s; they panicked and sped off.

Mel told her parents about the encounter when she got home. “Why would those guys be scared of an old lady?” she asked. Her father said, “They didn’t see what you saw! They must have seen something terrifying to take off like that.” Of course. Whatever God had manifested to scare off the young men would have scared Mel out of her mind; instead she saw an old lady.

God is good–He loves us beyond our capacity to understand. God is great–He’s able to protect us better than an armored tank.

When Peter was freed supernaturally from prison, he ran to the house where fellow believers were praying for his release. But when he arrived, they didn’t believe it; they thought he was an apparition. Acts 12:12-15.

We pray. We ask for supernatural help. But we expect His help to come looking natural. When God answers supernaturally, our minds are blown. Except children. They ask for a miracle expecting… a miracle. May we all seek God as little children: asking for the supernatural, expecting the supernatural, and seeing the supernatural.

Then he said, “I tell all of you with certainty, unless you change and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom from heaven.” Matthew 18:3

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