What’s on Your Heart?

GodShare Fair took place this past weekend, an opportunity for a variety of ministries to gather and meet, share information, and hear some great speakers. I had no idea what I might get from it, but I took a chance, reserved a book table and went. The results were far more than I anticipated. I met many interesting women, learned something about their ministries, and shared about mine. So many hearts driven so many directions in ministry!

One fascinating speaker took a crazy risk to give up her secure job and go into a ministry that required her to raise her own support — not her idea of fun! But God did great things, and she can’t imagine not having taken the plunge.

All the while she was speaking, God was talking to me about FreedHearts, asking me to take some crazy risks. I wept openly, listening to His voice and specific direction. The women sitting near me nodded kindly, understanding what it is to hear God speak, and when you least expect it. What was stopping me, I asked myself, echoing the speaker’s question in my mind. It was overwhelming fear of what others might think if I fully went the direction God was leading. Of all the things to stop me, that was not the one I expected to discover.

How honored we are God has a place for each of us, a job to do that no one else can do. And although our fears are real and scary to us, seems crazy that they could hold any weight next to God’s personal invitation. Crystallized in that moment was the truth of Helen Keller’s famous quote: Life is a daring adventure or nothing.

So I ask you: where do you see God leading you? What specific call has He placed on your heart, what job has He given you specifically to do? I would love to hear back from you and what you believe your unique gifting is, your unique calling. And if you’d like, include what you think is stopping you. Let’s get a discussion going.

Please comment below: What’s on Your Heart?

5 thoughts on “What’s on Your Heart?

  1. I took off most of social media yesterday and was blessed to find your new post this morning.

    Wow! I just love that quote from Hellen Keller. I am in the process of seeking His perfect will in my now. How can I live the fruit of His love now, while pressing toward that personal vision we all write before the Lord. Beyond paper to reaching farther.

    Oh for that to really be an adventure!

    • It is all about the adventure! I love how Paul says, “In HIM we live and move and have our being” Acts 17:28. …in fact, your comment has inspired me for my next post! Stay tuned!!

  2. Hi Susan — Such a joy to have been at Share Fair together! I believe that FEAR is one of Satan’s biggest tools against us in beginning a ministry or sharing a ministry calling with others. My small group Bible Study was discussing this very thing last week. Fear is so immobilizing!! So many women express a “fear of failure.” Funny you were experiencing a call to “fearlessness” at the same time I was…we were only sitting a few feet apart. So like God to be whispering the same message into our hearts and spirits. I came back from Share Fair with a renewed sense of who I am in Christ. He is in control…that is all I need to believe. No fear, just total obedience and direction from the Holy Spirit.

    May God bless you for your ministry,

    • Thank you for commenting, Jackie! I love that God was revealing the same thing to you. As I read through the New Testament, with all that God was revealing then, I’m amazed at how many times He calls people to fearlessness — Paul, Peter, John and others. If we won’t move fearlessly (or in spite of the fear) into what He puts in front of us, what are we here for?? We’re sisters on the journey!

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