How Intimidating Are You?

tall_man“Imagine if your boss came in and asked for something and he was 18 feet tall.” This was my husband’s observation as we watched a two-year-old foisted up on his dad’s shoulders. “Or if a cop pulled you over for speeding and he was 18 feet tall. You’d never do it again!”

Yesterday I talked about how our image of God is formed by our view of our Dad (or Mom or other father-figure). We will not represent God perfectly as parents. Our daughter may remember Dad pushing her off her lap and interpret that as rejection, when it may be the dad had to go to work. But I do think that at 18 feet tall, we have to remember our impact on our kids. Our displeasure, loud voice or anger may be scarier to our kids than we think. Most of us struggle with anger, don’t we? And we won’t get it right. That’s what God’s healing is for! But perhaps you could take just a moment to see if you could say what you need to in a kinder or more neutral way. The rewards for your child’s peace, and your own peace, will be well worth it.


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