Do You Want to Lose What Weighs You Down?


I’ve been decluttering our two-bedroom apartment, and I cannot believe what I have pulled out of that thing! How much can anyone accumulate in a two-bedroom in a year and half? Yet, here it all is! (I say anyone, because my husband does not collect clutter, and what he has he regularly purges.) I always feel lighter and leaner when I declutter, and I virtually never miss a thing!

When my single friend in her forties moved, she fit all her belongings in the back of a pickup! How impressive is that? Just imagine the freedom! I feel a similar need to stay light on my feet. Ready to go. Jesus, the most important Person on earth, had virtually no belongings and could go easily wherever He needed.

As I continue to pull out and throw out, I realized clutter is not just physical. It’s mental. Those who do clutter, do it in many areas. How many files are on my computer that I will never use — previous versions of something I’ve already published? Thoughts that no longer resonate, but there they remain. How many old conversations long since over clutter my brain?

What other kind of clutter might we accumulate without even realizing it? Offensive deeds unforgiven. Guilt feelings unreleased. Words of love left unspoken. Life is too short. Jettison that junk and make room for the rest of your life!

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