Beauty is Wasted on the Beautiful


Have you ever watched a teenaged girl in front of the mirror? She points out a dozen imaginary flaws, invisible to the naked eye, and you just shake your head. She’s beautiful, inside and out, but she’s worried about nothing.

Did I mention that women also struggle with imagined imperfection? …and sometimes men?

A young child doesn’t hate his body. He will proudly run around naked. Body contempt is learned. From peers, from family, from culture – I don’t know. But we aren’t born with it. I’m not even sure what we can do with this information, except to ask God to change it in us.

Life is too short to disdain our own bodies. Our bodies that work for us, and carry us, and process our food and convert calories into energy, and think and feel and refresh our blood while we are not even paying attention.

God bless you, and your beautiful body, whatever it looks like, however it’s functioning. God give you gratitude for all that your body does day in and day out. And God help you enjoy the life you live in it to the fullest!

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