Your child is gay. Do not be afraid; it’s going to be alright. In fact, it will be amazing!

Your world feels shaky but I encourage you to relax. It’s not just going to be okay, it will be better than okay.

Your child is gay, or bi, or trans, but that’s not all. Your child is so much more.

Your child is courageous to follow their heart in the face of incredible condemnation.

Your child is daring to be who they are in the face of fear.

Your child is brave to tell you the truth in the face of possible rejection.

Your child is strong to stand on the truth of their heart.

Your child is dependent on God to care for their lives, but independent enough not to cower down under societal pressure.

Your child has a deep desire to love and be loved in a world that has devalued love and commitment.

Your child is an original in a world of phonies and people who hide who they are.

Your child is honest and desires to live life as the person God created them to be.

Your child is an inspiration to their friends, to me, and should be to you too.

Your child is gay, but that’s not everything they are. They are courageous, daring, brave, strong, dependent & independent, loving, an original, honest and an inspiration.

Be proud. Rejoice! You’ve raised a great kid!

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Parents, Your LGBTQ Kid is Going to be Fine

14 thoughts on “Parents, Your LGBTQ Kid is Going to be Fine

  1. wow…seems there is more of this then we all know. I too fit in the shoes of a mom of a son who has come out only to me, a few close friends, and is embracing more of who he is now that he is off at college. He attended a private Christian school. I always taught him to be true to himself and to ignore society and peer pressures. I did teach morals and values. I always said to do the right thing many times means to stand alone. God made you, you. I have ask him to let God work in him and through him. I have come to the conclusion that though homosexuality is a sin, so are there many other sins we all have probably committed at some point in our lives and some are committing right now. It is just that one’s sexual gender is usually visible to all the eyes of the public and thus can be judged much more often,( not our job to judge either) for the homosexual who cannot embrace his own self sits in church with his wife and kids and hides his own true self. Many days in pain and in the office of a therapist and on meds to just get through. He or she has now involved another adult and now has children. It is the Christian hurdle that Christians have to deal with that I think is the hardest. Alcohol drugs are not the answer. As a nurse and some one who seeks the truth in science and the Bible I can see where there are still not crystal clear answers for folks who are attracted to the same gender. I have found that some folks do have psychological issues, and some folks have been abused. How ever, I do believe that many are born with same sex attraction. I do believe there isn’t a gene so to speak, but it is biological. I too love my son unconditionally and that is what I wrote on his senior page when he graduated from HS. (At that time had no idea about his SSA.) I stand firm in those words. I stand firm in my Christian faith as well and pray for all. People are so full of hate and their words I know sting many. Please know that the devil loves us all to hate. We should come together and love all. Help all. Stand by folks when they are down…don’t kick them further down. Help them to get up and go on. Find your inner strength and march on…Jesus loves us all. Seek him and ask him to seek you…your life will change forever. Seek the truth, be careful where you seek it from and then step back and watch and allow God’s plan to unfold for and in you!
    The larger question to ask oneself is Why? Why are these feelings there? If you truly seek the answers and come to the truth you will be set free. YOU are the only one who can do this. Seek it. 🙂
    Mercy and Grace to all….as Jesus would have us to do. My son remains a strong Christian today and he has to make his own decisions and in the end it is between hum and God. He is seeking a PhD in Psychology and has said that maybe it is his job to walk in these shoes and to help others and their families along the way.

    • Heidi, thank you for sharing. If Christians and even parents would do just that: let LGBTQ wrestle with their own conscience before God, while we simply love them, our job would be complete. Loving is exactly what Jesus told us to do. For the life of me, I cannot understand how we have given ourselves permission to cut people off who are gay. That looks much more like the Pharisees than like Jesus. If we would just know the truth, Jesus, intimately, the truth would set us free! Bless you and your son, and I hope you both find real peace.

  2. Susan,
    I want you to know that I look forward to your emails. There are so many I delete but yours is one I always open and read. You have been an ongoing encouragement to me. I am not “out of the closet” as a parent with ALL of my christian friends, only a chosen few. I look forward to the day when I can be more open. Thank you for your words.

    • Hi Barb,
      I am the mom of a gay son who is 18. I too have not told but a few close friends – but it is because I do not feel the need to bring it up in conversation. Should the time arise, I know with support and comforting words from other parents, like yourself, I will have the “right words to say” And when the friends asks me if my son has a girlfriend in college – I will happily reply, “Nor does he have a boyfriend” 🙂 I think that will be a great conversation starter for me.
      Big Hug and God bless!

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