I am thrilled to announce that I will be the featured speaker at two upcoming PFLAG meetings. What an honor!

First, I will be speaking at the PFLAG meeting on Thursday evening, August 15th, in Jacksonville, FL. For more information on this event, please click here.

Then, I will be speaking at the PFLAG meeting on Sunday afternoon, August 18th, in Atlanta, GA. For more information on this event, please click here.

I will speak on resolving the unique tension between parenting, Christianity and being LGBTQ. Christian parents struggle with their faith when their kids come out to them because they see it as a black and white issue. My heart is to convey hope and set out a path for them to find peace on this incredible journey. It is also my heart to help parents with other faith beliefs understand how best to help Christian parents in their support group.

If you are in or near Jacksonville or Atlanta, please join us! If not, I would appreciate your prayer, and I hope to speak in an area close to you very soon.

Click here to read “To Christian Parents of Gay Children”

Are you near Atlanta? Jacksonville?

3 thoughts on “Are you near Atlanta? Jacksonville?

  1. I will keep you and your much needed ministry, in my prayers, Susan. Never give up where The Lord is leading you. Know that along with me, so many moms are inspired by your words of hope. As I have said before, because I found your web sight I have begun to build strength for this journey, strength I never thought I could find. As I have begun to read your posts, I no longer am afraid or ashamed. I may be a wounded warrior, but I continue to press on, to learn more how to grow in the understanding of unconditional love.

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