r-QUOTE-large570I am so sorry. And I am so thankful.

First, please let me say that it is an honor and a privilege to be your parent. I could not have asked for a better child.

I am sorry if I ever did or said anything, or failed to do or say something to let you know how much I love and accept you.

I am also so very sorry for the hurt and rejection and condemnation you have felt from some of our family members, those you considered to be friends, and from the church. On behalf of my family and my church, I apologize from the deepest places of my heart.

I am thankful that through this journey you have deepened your relationship with God as you have come to know and experience His unconditional love and grace.

I am thankful that you have discovered that the truth of Jesus is very different from the truth of most of today’s evangelical church.

I am thankful that you have come to know the truth about God’s heart for you.

I am thankful for the love that many of your family, and your true friends – old and new – have shown you.

And I am thankful that you have found a church and fellow Christians who love you as Christ loved them.

Most of all, I am thankful for you. You are an amazing child. I would not change anything about you. There is nothing you can ever do to disappoint me.

I will always love you. I will always be your advocate and celebrate your life.

I will always be your biggest fan.

– Dad

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“My LGBTQ Child, I’m Sorry” – Dad

11 thoughts on ““My LGBTQ Child, I’m Sorry” – Dad

    • God understands. Better than we do. Please understand His complete love and embrace of you. I’ve struggled through several things I wish I’d shared with my dad before he died many years ago. But I have really surrendered to God, knowing he’s got it all in his hands. God is not unhappy or disappointed in you in any way, believe me. Bless you and thank you for sharing your heart.

      • Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey. I read this a couple of months ago and googled the letter today to print out for my father/step Mom. My step brother has said he is gay. I’m so sorry about your loss. I have been reading some of the comments and was drawn to leave you a positive note. I’m sure that you have saved someone out there that is gay and/or helped a mother/father that is confused. Your words will have more impact on a family learning that a family member is gay than anything I have ever read/heard. God bless your heart. Please know that any negative comments are from people that are hurting and not a reflection of you. I cringed when I read some of the hateful things said to a mother that is trying to heal from the loss of her son. I have cried like a baby thinking about this letter and your heart. Please make sure that the cruel responses don’t make you…want to go on. Please know in your heart you have made a difference in my life and I will learn from your mistakes so that they don’t repeat the cycle. Thank YOU, again, for sharing such a personal story and GOD BLESS. 🙂

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