LGBTQ, Welcome Home


Has it been awhile since you have felt at home in your life? With your family? At your church?

A friend told me the story of being on a long vacation with ten family members in two separate minivans. Near the beginning of the trip, her two-year-old little girl would say “I want to go home.” But when they got to the hotel and she saw the rest of her family, the child would say “We’re home!”

Home to her pure, innocent and wonderful heart was wherever the people were who she loved and who loved her.

On this journey, you may indeed have lost family members, your parents. You may have lost your church or your friends.

Why? Because you are gay. Because it is the desire of your heart to love and be loved.

I want you to know that this has nothing to do with you. It is their issue, not yours.

When you are with those who love you, and those you love – you are home.

When you are in a community that accepts and approves of you – you are home.

There are even Christians out there who love and accept you exactly as you are, and who advocate and celebrate your life exactly as it is.  I know this is true because I have met them. Their hearts and minds are open and at peace. Their love is Christ-like –  pure and beautiful and sweet.

I would like to say – on behalf of myself, those who love you and those you love – welcome home.

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