Loving With Pride


I’m at the Pride Festival today – my first one! – which is a beautiful day to show my support and to walk in the Parade tonight. Today is a great opportunity to pour love freely to people who have often been hurt, betrayed, abandoned.

I’m thinking of a friend, someone who understands how much Jesus loves her, someone Jesus has carried through horrific times, someone who knows what it means to forgive unthinkable offenses. I wish she were with me to pour out that love like sunshine to the LGBTQ, the way she’s always poured it out to me.

But she is not with me; she doesn’t “approve” of gays – as if our approval is part of the equation for sharing His freely given love. So, now it is my goal to share enough for both of us. I am so thankful that God’s love is indeed more than enough.

As Jesus told us, “Above all else, love one another as I have loved you.”

I hope you receive God’s freely given love and I hope your day is full of joy and pride.

10 thoughts on “Loving With Pride

  1. Hey Susan, thanks for a beautiful post! I hope to march with my friend Sharon in my first Pride parade in Atlanta in October. She and I met you when you were here speaking to PFLAG. You may already know about it but Dan Savage has created a website for straight allies like us! NALT Christians. notalllikethat.org I could watch the “It gets better” videos for hours, but the NALT site gives me a voice too. I’m working on a testimony to share there. Check it out! Blessings, Angie Jones

  2. Wonderful and encouraging words – as usual! Thank you for ALL you’re doing for the LGBTQ community and the people who love them!!!

  3. I SO wish I lived closer & could join you! With you in spirit as you pour out His healing love on these fellow children of God! May God bless you, fill you to OVERFLOWING with His love, strength, hope, peace & encouragement as you walk amongst those who have been hurt, abandoned, etc! May they see His reflection in your face reaching out to them!

  4. Thank you for being visible, Susan both as a parent and a straight ally. You cannot imagine how many of these kids have been thrown out of their homes as a result of being honest with their parents about their sexual orientation or gender identity. Your presence as a parent there shows them, that there is hope, if ever so faint, for their parents to miraculously break through years of bible teaching and just love their kids.

    Thank you – thank you – thank you once again for being visible!

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