All We Need Is Love


Last week, our church hosted the Break the Hate Arts Event with a neighboring church, with visual and performance art by LGBTQ and allies. The event was a spectacular success — meaning everyone enjoyed the art and each other. We had music, a poetry slam, blog readings, photography, and original songs by my daughter. One man had made a sculpture display of the Tree of Knowledge, with a poem about the dangers of relying on knowledge instead of relationship with God — the very thing I teach and write about!

Several people thanked me for reading from my blog as an ally. A woman teared up as she shook my hand, saying she is deeply moved when straight people speak passionately as allies. But the privilege was mine that God had entrusted me to give His love to these beautiful human beings.

And that is where it is, really. As I’d read from my blog, “I’m called to be the love of Christ, even when it requires great sacrifice. I am the one with the Spirit of the Living God in me — it’s the very least I can do.” It is the very least I can do — to love these people Christ died for (who have been hurt so often and so deeply), with the overabundant love He has given me.  I am here to love, yet, these tenderhearted people I am loving seem overwhelmingly grateful that someone bothered to extend Jesus’ life-changing love to them.

And that’s all that’s really needed. As God continues to connect me with LGBTQ individuals, I find warm people who just want to be loved, to be safe, to know God loves them. That’s not too much to ask. Really, isn’t it our common heart’s desire? And it is exactly what Jesus offers: life because of His love.

6 thoughts on “All We Need Is Love

  1. What a wonderful idea! I am so glad that you are out there showing God’s love to LGTBQ people, but am saddened that this is so unusual in the Church, in the larger sense. We still have so much to learn! Thanks for being a leader.

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