Halloween Trivia – Are You Afraid?


It’s Halloween, a time for scary costumes! But something else is even scarier — it fills people with fear instead of love and should make us all afraid. What is it? Let’s play a Halloween trivia game to find out! 🙂 See if you know the right answers.

Here are the players:

LGBTQ—wants freedom to live their lives, and to be loved and included along the journey; often treated as outcasts

Christ-followers—their job is to love and include others; they are kind and loving and look a lot like Christ, often not in power positions

Religious leaders (called Pharisees in the OT)—are supposed to love others but often put themselves in a position to decide who should be loved and included… and who should not

Jesus—loves and includes others, always, and told the Christ-followers to love and include others; he makes the rules because IT’S HIS GAME.

These are their weapons:

Love (conquers all)

Fear (it’s deadly!)

Life in Christ (see love)

Religion, aka rules (see fear)

Okay, here are your trivia questions. I couldn’t help it – the right answer(s) is in italics. : )

QUESTION 1: The first Gentile (non-religious) convert was

a.) an ethnic minority

b.) a gender minority

c.) a person of color


QUESTION 2: How did Jesus treat outcasts?

a.) he said, “Clean up your behavior to be acceptable,”

b.) he said, “Come to me ALL who are weary and I’ll give you rest”

c.) told them to let religious leaders fix them up first so they could come to him

d.) told religious leaders to leave them the heck alone and don’t hinder them from going to him

QUESTION 3: How did Jesus treat religious leaders?

a.) told them they were doing great keeping all the rules and that would spell cash and prizes when they die

b.) said, “Would you sort out the good from the bad for me so I don’t have to do it?”

c.) said, “How dare you snakes block the way for those who want to come to me? YOU are more fit for hell than those you condemn”

d.) rescued outcasts from the religious leader’s abuse

QUESTION 4: Paul’s letters were meant to

a.) become the new law for people to work hard to keep

b.) become as important as Jesus’ great command to love God and love others

c.) take up all our energy so we don’t have to actually do that icky work of doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God

d.) directed to specific people at a specific time to answer specific questions

QUESTION 5: Our job is to

a.) judge people’s behavior

b.) convict people of their sin

c.) love God

d.) love others

If you knew the right answers, and they reflect the life you are living, enjoy this Halloween knowing that you are on track. Don’t be afraid – you are in line with the heart of God.  : )

If not… scary!

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