I Must Speak


In the face of great rejection from many in the church and former friends, and with the incredible love & encouragement of many more in the church and true friends, we have made a decision: We are making this our full-time ministry and have established FreedHearts as a nonprofit charitable organization.

I cannot be silent anymore. Even if my voice shakes, I am going for it. I must speak.

I have been writing this blog, counseling, writing a book for parents, speaking — it has become full-time but there is still so much more to do. The time is now and we have begun to raise support to continue this work and enable us to do all that is ahead. I need your help and support. Will you join me?

When my daughter came out to me, I prayed it was not true, that God would change her. Instead, he changed me! God generously showed me the flaw in our understanding about it and helped me let go of my expectations of her and of her future. Christian parents often find themselves in a crisis of faith when their LGBTQ comes out. They see their faith in God in conflict with unconditionally embracing their child. It’s not. My heart is to come alongside parents to show that their faith in God empowers them to love, accept and affirm their child.

Many Christian parents believe they have to choose between their faith versus accepting their LGBTQ child. This dichotomy is false and leads to much spiritual harm. There is a better way.

We help Christian parents love their LGBTQ children without sacrificing their faith.

And our hearts break for the unloving, unlovable way the non-affirming church has treated the LGBTQ community. They have pushed them away from the Jesus they claim to represent. Many have given up ever being able to reconcile their hearts with God. Grace, compassion and unconditional love have been replaced with judgment and a focus on behavior. FreedHearts is a bridge between the truth of Jesus Christ, the Church, and the gay community.

We will equip and support Christian parents of LGBTQ children. We will encourage and fortify LGBTQ Christians and their allies. We will resource churches to embody a Christ-like response to the LGBTQ community.

It is going to be a wonderful journey and it would be such a blessing not have to take it alone.

Will you join me?

If you share our hearts, please click here to find out more.

Thank you so much.

– Susan

13 thoughts on “I Must Speak

  1. I always wondered how parents chose an imaginary society over their innate truths. How can “They” and “Them” be more important than “We” and “Our”? It’s pretty awesome when parents like you remember love. If the others would, this world would be a better place for everyone and there’d be no shame to blame.

  2. Very proud of all the work you do Susan and that you’ve accepted this calling whole heartedly.

    2013 has been a historical year for LBGT rights but there is so much more work to be done.

  3. You and Rob are the epitome of those who put feet to their faith. I trust that God is providing you with some thick soles! (Word play, sister, word play)! Much love. And what tanarhea said. 🙂

  4. Susan, I would like to give a donation. Paypal did not show as a payment option though and I just wanted to make sure you didn’t accept it. I would rather pay that way if possible. Thank you for all you do. You inspire me with your posts all the time!

    I saw this on one of my old school mates church board (he’s a pastor now): “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.”  I think I may have heard that before BUT for him to put this on his church bulletin, just put a smile on my face this morning! 



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