A Change For The Better


Today’s post is from Rob Cottrell, Susan’s husband.

It’s a new year. Want to change the world with me?  Let’s try something for this coming year.

Where there is hatred, let’s love.  Where there is injury, let’s just forgive. Where there is doubt, let’s be the ones with faith.  Where there is despair, bring hope. Where there is darkness, we can be light. Where there is sadness, joy. Where there is condemnation, let’s show unconditional grace. Where there is rejection, let us accept without reservation.

Let’s give up the desire to be right. Lets give up the goal of winning the debate and seek to win someone’s heart.

Instead of putting people — and God too — in a box with appropriate labels, let’s rejoice in the gorgeous kaleidoscope of our differences and open ourselves to the surprising truths and wonderful messiness of knowing God.

Let’s seek to console and understand, before we seek to be consoled and understood.

And let us love before we ever seek to be loved.

What the heck, let’s try it for a year. What do we have to lose? Will we love too much, accept too much, affirm too much, show too much grace, give too much forgiveness?  

Come on, let’s just go for it. Who knows… we might just change the world. Or a single heart. Or a million hearts. Or maybe we are the ones who will be changed. Whatever happens, it will be change for the better. : )

Have a wonderful, magical, blessed, messy, loving new year!

– Rob Cottrell

6 thoughts on “A Change For The Better

  1. As Marta referred to above, “Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace.” Amen for 2014, and the rest of our lives.

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