Christian, Do You Look Like Christ… Or Not?


Did you see the mass wedding ceremony on last night’s Grammy Awards show? It was incredible. Tears flowed as a sea of couples got married — straight and gay — during a live performance of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Same Love.

Incredibly bold and beautifully moving. Unforgettable.

As I sat watching, I read a story about some Indiana Republicans who had passed a law criminalizing clergy who marry gay couples.

Now honestly, you have to get the contrast.

The weddings spoke love, acceptance, goodness — the fruit of the Spirit. The criminalizing of clergy spoke fear, control, hate — the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit.

I understand how varied we are as a culture, how many opinions we have. I don’t deny anyone their opinion. Really. But those who claim to represent Christ in such unloving terms really need to seek God specifically, with an open heart, and ask Him how to move forward. Because as it is, they are destroying the testimony of Christ. Their unlovely behavior looks nothing like Jesus, and much more like the religious leaders Jesus condemned.

Please. For the sake of all those you claim to love, take a good hard look at what you’re standing for. Seek God. Err on the side of love. Make a change. Because the world will throw you out as irrelevant, right along with the God you claim to speak for. Please rethink your position. Right now, it is extremely unlovely.

8 thoughts on “Christian, Do You Look Like Christ… Or Not?

  1. I watched the Grammy Awards and it was very emotional watching the weddings, hearing the song being sung, and seeing so many in the audience crying. It was really a beautiful thing. Really touched my heart. I totally agree with your comments. As a Christian mom of a gay son, I am learning to love unconditionally, and I am ashamed of how many denominations and churches say a person can’t be gay and be a Christian. Breaks my heart.

    • Yes, Chris. And to be the ones in the corner shaking our heads is not the heart of Christ — NOWHERE do we see him doing that — and it represents him falsely. It’s like the story of the kids all having a great time playing Monopoly and Grandpa wanders in and says, “Why are you wasting your time on that? You could be reading the Bible!” and he grumbles out. The kids shrug their shoulders and keep playing. Does it draw them one iota closer to a love-relationship with Jesus or to fall into the beauty of the word? Heck no! It throws a wrench between them and intimacy with Christ. That’s the contrast between how Christians respond to that Grammys wedding and how the world responds to it. It makes Christians (and God) look like a doddering old grandpa that we’re better off ignoring. THAT’S the real tragedy of it.

  2. This whole segment took me by surprise this morning as I was perusing FB…and it was a beautifully pleasant (and very tear-soaked) surprise. I love your response…as usual, you are SPOT ON…:)

  3. Yes, please rethink! I’ll probably be using part of what you’ve said here if it comes down to the ballot for marriage equality in November. Fortunately, we do have clergy will to defy the law. The author Phillip Gulley opening said on his FB page that he would gladly marry same sex couples, knowing full-well the law before him. Have to love him!

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