Pick me! Pick me!

Young Boy at School Raising His Hand to Answer in Class
When my daughter Hannah was little, she would raise her hand at the kitchen table and say, “Pick me, pick me!” so she could say something. Yeah, she was cute. Still is.

I often want God to ‘pick me, pick me,’ when He has a task that needs doing. Something exciting! He has done that many times and I am honored and humbled.  Sometimes, I seem to be slow off the starting blocks. I’m a little afraid it won’t pan out. All my insecurities about it (me) not being good enough come to the forefront.

Our church gathered together for fellowship years ago to share a word or a song or something God had given us. A song came to my mind but I was still too shy to just sing out so I didn’t do it. A moment later, our lovely worship leadersang the same song. I was shocked and had a moment with the Lord right then and there. I knew He had given me a song to contribute and I declined. So He gave it to someone else.

That lesson has stayed with me. He is happy to let me play a part. He will also accomplish His work. If I decline, He will pick someone else. I am good enough because of who I am – not what I can accomplish. That, and God’s love for me, needs to be all I need.

I need to let it go and simply respond when God leads me, step out and act when God gives me a task.

God calls us all to do things, to touch people’s lives, to give a word of encouragement, to love some who is feeling unlovable.  God picked you. You.

Listen. Let go. Say yes. You are wonderful. You are enough.

6 thoughts on “Pick me! Pick me!

  1. Reminds me of the parable of the wedding guests who didn’t have time to show up, so the master of the feast had the servants go out and gather people from the streets.

    Sometimes He calls you and you don’t even know it. I remember one time I got on a train in Penn Station in NYC – it was the wrong train, and I knew it was, yet somehow “i” fooled myself into believing it was the right one. I sat next to a kid from Norway who was headed to Port Washingtion on LI, just a stop past mine. However, we ended up in a very dangerous neighborhood in Brooklyn – Jamaica or Beford-Stuyvesant. Ours were the only white faces in sight, and not in a good way. The kid had absolutely no idea what to do, and his English, while okay, was not adequate to the situation. But I was able to guide him safely to a train that took us back to Penn, and from there we got home safely. To this day I really believe that the only reason I got on that train was that God led me by the hand and took me there for the specific mission of getting that kid home safely. (Isa. 30:21)

  2. I believe I may be at the start of a “pick me” change in my life. Thank you for these words, and I pray that God’s will be done in my situation. I like this post very much!

  3. In our case, this was apparently discussed (building a safe place in the community) but when my wife started praying and seeking God’s calling, we found the folks who had discussed! And when you ask God to do something, you had better have your seatbelt fastened and your tray table locked and seat in an upright position because God MOVES fast!!

    Here we are, Lord 🙂

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