11 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Hope – We Are ‘Not All Like That’

  1. Equality for all gays and lesbians is right. I have been told I was gay. I think that gays and lesbians should have marriage legal in Texas and that everyone should have equal rights to love.

    God looks at the heart and the word says God did not make any mistakes.

  2. I read your blog. I have read your book. I follow you on Facebook. I have reposted several of your blogs on my Facebook page. I am encouraged and strengthened by your words of love and reconciliation. I am inspired by the way you do not compromise your faith. Every time I read your words, I fall in love with your heart all over again. You make the fact that Jesus could love a ragamuffin like me ring true and genuine. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for who you are. You are changing lives and mine is just one of thousands you are touching.

  3. So awesome that you have posted a video! Your post puts words to an image I have in my head. A person finds out someone they love is GLBT. They believe strongly against homosexuality but they say to themselves, “OK, I can’t worry about my beliefs right now. My job is to focus on my loved one. One day I can revisit my beliefs, but right now, it is more important to keep them in the back of the cabinet.” If only everyone had that ability.

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