I Am a Mom of a Gay Teenager

cutting teen

Stacey has been facing untold challenges since her gay son came out in their small, southern town. As you read her poem, consider being in her life, dealing with her issues. We all struggle. We all battle stuff no one else sees. We all just want to be loved, and to be free, and to protect our children. Let Stacey’s tender heart speak to yours.

With love, Susan


I am a mom

I am a mom of a gay teenager

I have feelings

I am no different than you

When my child is hurt I hurt too

When my child is happy I am elated

I am human

Why can’t you see my child as a human too?

What happened to fearfully and wonderfully made?

Who determines worth? Not you… I am a child of God! So is he.

I am hurt by your words.

They cut deep.

My child is fragile – taunted and harassed and hurt by bullies and those who think he is less than.



It’s my child. My baby.

I am just a Mom.

12 thoughts on “I Am a Mom of a Gay Teenager

  1. Tears for this beautifully expressed heart–I’ve been there sweet mother. A mother is only as happy as her saddest child. Tyou so much for putting your thoughts into words–BB

  2. Stacey’s poem simply yet profoundly articulated her heart – and many other hearts, too. Thank you for sharing.

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