Jesus Blog: Get Your Coffee & Sit With Me

old cup of coffee

More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

My loved one, I invite you to experience me. Just me. Not religion, not church. Especially if you have been hurt by your church, or religious people.

I want you to know me.

I have so much to share with you—ideas and encouragement. I’m not here to give you a to-do list. Forget all that anybody has said about me and come experience me.

Here’s an idea for you… In the morning, grab your cup of tea or coffee, and just come sit with me. Sit in your favorite seat, and imagine me sitting there with you. You don’t have to talk or read your Bible or ask me for anything or even thank me for anything. Just be.

I will give you life no one else can give.

12 thoughts on “Jesus Blog: Get Your Coffee & Sit With Me

  1. I have a small chest that sits in a corner of the room. Each morning, I open the chest and, in a little ritual, take out the few items in it to create a little altar on top of the chest. There at two chairs there. I sit in one chair and imagine my Higher Power sitting with me in the other chair. I love that quiet time together. It is so comforting and calming, and sometimes even insightful. When I miss that time, I can tell it by the way the rest of my day goes.

  2. This is beautiful! Just BE. In Him we live & move & have our BEing! It took so long for that to sink into my hard head & heart! His loves us all so very much, none more than the other.

      • A favorite of mine too…so profound, that He, the creator of the Universe who keeps it all in motion, ALSO gives us every breath we take, knows every hair on our head, knows EVERY failure, every weakness, every move we make….yet He loves us with a love SO deep that WE cannot begin to fathom it! Outside of His presence (& that’s only when I turn MY back) there is no peace. But IN HIM, as I LIVE & move & have my BEING, all is well. What an awesome Father He is!

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