Jesus Blog: You No Longer Need The Rules


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

Did you know that I never told anyone to write down the things I said?

Did you know that I never told anyone to start a religion called Christianity?

So what did I tell people?  I told them to love God, and love others – and I tried be an example of how to be with and love people – especially those who needed me the most.

But now there is a lot of talk among church people that you need to follow the rules of the Bible if you want to be right with God. 

I don’t want you to focus on Bible rules—they will only lead you astray.  Rule-focus only increases bad behavior and shame and guilt! It steals your freedom and your joy.

The law is in the Bible only to lead you to me. Once you know me, you no longer need the rules.

The Spirit of God will lead you and teach you and guide you in all things.

I far exceed the rules! 

Focus on me and you will experience life bigger than you could ever have imagined!

Follow me. That is really all you need to know.

6 thoughts on “Jesus Blog: You No Longer Need The Rules

  1. I would have to add that “knowing Jesus” (or “accepting a Savior”) does not look the same for everyone. THAT is what trips me up about Christianity the most, because I still cannot fathom what a “personal relationship with Jesus” is supposed to look like or exactly what I’m supposed to be accepting. But if I think about loving God as doing my darndest to love all of creation and all the creatures within it, then I can do it. And if God is love, and Jesus is God, then all those details come out in the wash–at least the way I see it. I’m ok with that now but I still get nervous when I talk to people whose personal relationship seems much more, well, personal. (They hear God talking to them and such….) Anyway. I just think it’s important to underscore that loving God and knowing Jesus don’t look the same for everyone, and that’s ok too. (I believe plenty of nonChristians love God and know Jesus too….which may be out of some readers’ comfort zone, but that’s just me!) Thanks for your blog! I find it very insightful and enriching.

    • You’re very welcome. I totally agree with you, Giddy. Each “relationship” is personal. Here’s what I mean. This happened yesterday. I decided to cook something kind of elaborate, and I am waaay-overbusy, waaaay too many things on my plate, but I wanted to cook this thing. About halfway through I regretted it. And I knew God was telling me, as I’ve come to know that little personal nudging, God was saying, You won’t be able to do those writing projects you love if you do cooking like this. You can’t do all of that and all of this. That was SO helpful to me. I knew that was exactly right. I didn’t feel scolded, btw. I felt like my very close mentor was showing me something I need to know. And it was true! I wished I hadn’t taken on that cooking thing! I learned more from that personal interaction than if my husband had said, “Are you sure you want to cook that?” I’d have said, “YES!” Hahaha. I love that personal part. Without the personal relationship, it becomes like any other world religion that is all about “doing the right thing.” Unfortunately, to many, Christianity has become about “doing the right thing” — which takes the heart right out of it. I’m so glad you wrote.

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