Jesus Blog: Your Child Is Amazing!


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

Dear Moms and Dads…

Your child is gay. Do not be afraid; it’s going to be alright. In fact, it will be amazing!

Your world feels shaky but I encourage you to relax. It’s not just going to be okay, it will be better than okay.

Your child is lesbian, or gay, or bi, or trans, or queer, or questioning but that’s not all. Your child is so much more.

Your child is courageous to follow their heart in the face of incredible condemnation.

Your child is daring to be who they are in the face of fear.

Your child is brave to tell you the truth in the face of possible rejection.

Your child is strong to stand on the truth of their heart.

Your child is dependent on me to care for their lives, but independent enough not to cower down under societal pressure.

Your child has a deep desire to love and be loved in a world that has devalued love and commitment.

Your child has a deep connection with me and my heart.

Your child is an original in a world of phonies and people who hide who they are.

Your child is honest and desires to live life as the person I created them to be.

Your child is an inspiration to their friends, to me, and should be to you too.

Your child is gay, but that’s not everything they are. They are courageous, daring, brave, strong, dependent & independent, loving, an original, honest and an inspiration.

Be proud. Rejoice! You’ve raised a great kid!

4 thoughts on “Jesus Blog: Your Child Is Amazing!

  1. As I am returning home from a beautiful, spiritual and loving wedding into a less than affirming Southern cultural I needed to hear this. We are leaving a place where total strangers hugged our necks and congratulated us and are going to a place where only a small group of friends even know we are married. Driving to the airport I could already feel myself wanting to close off and shut down. But thankfully God’s love for me DOES NOT depend on popular opinion and Jesus did not take a vote of the general population before dying for me. My spouse and I will continue to be beacons and living proof Gay and Christian can in fact be simultaneously used.

    • Congratulations! Yes, indeed, we don’t know when public opinion will turn on us, but that’s all it is: public opinion. As for me — and probably most of my readers — I wish you heartiest congratulations and many years of joy ahead together. ❤

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