The Mother of All Wounds


The Mother Wound. It’s the Mother of all wounds. It’s the absence of “mothering”—of tenderness, nurturance, connectedness — that I see in the traditional, patriarchal evangelical church. I’ve become keenly aware of this as I blog to the LGBTQ community of faith, because I’ve had to take a cold, hard look at the problems in the mainstream (evangelical) church. What I see is exclusiveness instead of a welcoming open-arms inclusiveness, homophobia instead of affirmation, and male-domination while obliterating the feminine.

I see all of these as effects of the Mother Wound, and I begin our exploration by way of the story of my own Mother Wound.

My mother died when I was nine, taking with her all maternal influence in our family. My father was present but not maternal. My older sister was maternal but married and rarely present. My stepmother was present but was so non-maternal that she served best as a reminder of what I’d lost.

I was a delightfully creative and smart little girl, eager to discover the mysteries of this life, but hobbled by my deep need to be nurtured…

This is from an article I wrote for Christian Feminism Today. If you would like to read the rest of the article, just click here.  I hope you do.  Thanks!   – Susan  : )


4 thoughts on “The Mother of All Wounds

  1. Great article, Susan! Community is the thing that most people in our society are looking for, whether it is at church or somewhere else. We all have plenty of tasks to complete — most of us have more than we possibly can complete. We also have plenty of people ready to pass judgement on us so that they don’t have to look at their own issues. What we don’t have, however, is that unconditional love that we expect to find in the church, but don’t. As you and Rob have said so often, Jesus was about love. Too bad that so many of us who claim to be his followers don’t follow his example in this regard, and that so many of us who have looked to the church for love and acceptance have not found it there.

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