Be Kind to Yourself


This post is part of the June Synchroblog which asks the question “What would you tell your younger self if you could travel back in time?” So, here we go…

Sitting in the gentle breeze out on the balcony, I am overjoyed at how much I love my life. Now, I do. But I spent a lot of time struggling against in, trying to make it more, better, or different. I wouldn’t do it over again – that’s for sure. It’s too fun being right where I am.

But if it were possible, I would sure tell my younger self a few things.

  • Spend your time in the actual moment. That’s the only place life is really happening, so that’s where you want to be.
  • Love people.  the more you can accept them where they are, the less you try to change them. It’s a lot more restful that way.
  • Know that people’s words and actions reveal them, not you. If you are wise, you will take whatever piece actually does apply to you, but just as wisely, let the rest go.
  • Don’t act from fear! Instead of doing something to try to satisfy your fear, to protect yourself from loss or hurt or risk, just let fear be your notification that it’s time to regroup and breathe.
  • Breathe! Breathe and, breathe out. Big, full breaths.
  • Appreciate people’s love for you. When you doubt others love, then you do silly things to try to prevent. Either Pushing them away, or holding them too close. Either way, you’re acting from fear, and that is no-win.
  • Know how much God already loves you. Not that you when your good, big you when you’re better, see you when you’re perfect. Not the you you will mature into 20 years. Just you. As you are. Now.

All my love to you, Susan


9 thoughts on “Be Kind to Yourself

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  3. …almost missed this! Saw it on the Facebook page. Thanks for these reminders…the me of today will receive gratefully what the you of today was saying to the you of yesteryear! 😉 Be blessed….

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