Bring Out The Heterosexual In You


Bring out the heterosexual in you? What?!? Watch this entertaining but terribly unnerving clip from John Stewart about Texas’ renewed commitment to the miserably failed, dangerous and harmful “reparative therapy.”

Just click on the photo above to watch.

When the clinical psychologist was asked about “trying to get the gay out of people,” he said, “I would rather say we’re trying to bring out the heterosexuality in you.”


“But that’s the thing they don’t have in them,” John Stewart said. “It’s like giving a woman a C-section who is not pregnant. You won’t find what you’re looking for… but you will leave a scar!”

Well said. You won’t find what you’re looking for… but you will leave a scar.

That’s what has happened entirely too much: leaving scars. Deep, devastating, life-altering, sometimes life-destroying scars.

Reparative therapy doesn’t work. It does not work.

You don’t have to march in a Pride parade, or become an advocate if you just can’t go there — but seriously. We are called to love as we have been loved – which is unconditionally. And we should never have that kind of control over another human being. Whether you agree with them or not, it’s way out-of-bounds.

Reparative therapy has been proven as not only ineffective but incredibly harmful. It’s largest proponents have abandoned it and apologized for all the hurt they caused.

It has no place in any of our lives. And it has no place in Texas.

There is nothing to “get out” or repair.

It has already caused way too many scars.

No more.



3 thoughts on “Bring Out The Heterosexual In You

  1. Unfortunately, I’m coming to understand that we leave a scar on anyone whom we don’t love unconditionally for any reason. That is a great quote from John Stewart, though. I designed a business card sized hug coupon for our PFLAG Chapter that is being used by other chapters. It says, “This coupon is redeemable for one free hug from someone who likes you just the way you are!” I love giving them to all sorts of people with the admonition to use it wisely. Then I watch a big smile come across their face.

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