Love is the New Christian


Rules are the old Christian. And by rules I mean “any rule-by-which-we-always-find-ourselves-deemed-inadequate” is the old Christian.

And by old I mean since before Jesus fulfilled the law.

Love is the new Christian.

And by love I mean complete, unconditional acceptance, embrace, warmth — you know, all the things Jesus did, even to those considered sinners by society and/or actual sinners- and especially to those marginalized and oppressed.

By love I mean connection, community, relationship. By love I mean treating people the way we wish we would be treated if we were in that situation.

Not some convoluted ‘tough love’ that justifies rejecting someone so they’ll change or hurting someone so they’ll comply with your desires.

That’s not love at all. That’s self-focused, self-righteous manipulation and control.

You don’t have to agree with someone to love them. You just have to love them. Unconditionally.

The most unloving thing we can do is disengage, not care, walk away, shun. That is not how Jesus dealt with — or deals with — any of us.

Love is the very picture of Christ, the very essence of Christ.

Love is always the goal. Love is always the means. Love is always the way.

Love never, ever fails.


10 thoughts on “Love is the New Christian

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  2. The word “Christian” is so laden anymore with hate that I’m preferring the phrase “Jesus Way”. What is my faith? It’s the Jesus way! Thanks for your post!

  3. Love all serve all! Mother Teresa says “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love”. Forget about the weaknesses and negativity of a person, be loved and so loved. This is our mission on the earth, even more, love the enemy. Pastor Paul says” Love is patient and kind”. Our dream is more than a dream; make a world of love for any one and yourself.

    We have a beautiful journey ahead together! let us love each other.

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