Could You be Wrong?


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

This post is inspired by a beautiful young man, whose family is constantly haranguing him and banning him from family gatherings because he is gay. As I listened to Jeff I thought, once again, This stuff just got real.

Jeff, this is for you.

Rats are smart. They can learn which tunnel in a maze will reward them with cheese. If you move the cheese, the rat will soon learn where the cheese has been moved and go there; it will stop going down the tunnel with no cheese.

Humans aren’t always as smart.

Unlike rats, humans will continue to go down the tunnel with no cheese.

They will continue to hope this time there will be a reward down that same empty tunnel.

If your family is shunning you, shaming you, kicking you out, they are continuing down a tunnel with no cheese. They are continuing to try what has failed to work for countless others.

Those actions are not love. They are not the embrace Christ offers, always. Their tunnel has no cheese “because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.” (James 1:20)

Yet these people will stand there and tell you there is no chance they could be wrong on their interpretation of God’s opinion of homosexuality.


We are talking about God’s thoughts on LGBTQ people, and there is no chance this human person could be wrong. 

Read Michael Kimpan’s eye-opening post on how the church has used scripture to hurt people, and been wrong time and again.

You’d think people would learn. You’d think there would be no room at all for such hubris.

If you have been hurt by yet another person believing there is just no way they could be wrong on this, try to have pity. Apparently they can’t learn the difference between a tunnel with cheese — where life and love blossom, which fulfills the biblical law — and a tunnel with no cheese — which leads to death, and obliterates the biblical law.

And better not send them to the store for the wine and cheese. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Could You be Wrong?

  1. It is almost like peeling back the layers society has placed on us and ridding the thoughts some churches have put in to our hearts and minds.( the judging and picking who belongs) When we, and all involved in all of this, can peel back the layers of pain and get to the love and embrace as Jesus would really have us to do, it is very freeing. I keep praying for the truth, and just love and support all who are on this Journey!! I find that relatives, parents, and friends are more concerned for our LGBT family then the LGBT folks are for themselves!! They, the LGBT, handle it, accept it, and are living their lives and we are worrying for them. Sigh. 🙂 I have often thought too, is this the truth, is this a false teaching by Satan and are we headed in the right direction? This comes from several of my Christian friends who do not see it as I do. They do not see it as Susan has laid out here on her web site. Sigh So, then it makes me question myself. I just have now withdrawn myself from their line of fire, and have to support my son, but I do want it to be in truth. I have always felt people were born LGBT, and so I go back to the early years when I took care of many and I pray that God will show me the way if I am wrong. It is a faith walk for sure, and wow, it is tough at times, but necessary. When I visit my son or he comes home to visit it really feels right and touches my heart that it is about love, period. I even feel that way about his friends he has brought home. Many are from broken homes now. So I really feel like we, and I, are on the right path!!! I just keep telling my son he is loved and to keep God in his life. He has to build that relationship. Peace to all. (I have also found many Christians who feel as we all do, and have no judgment, just love and support. 🙂 🙂 ) They agree to disagree and still love.

    I am ready for it to be ten and twenty years down the road when people stop “coming out”, and just live. I know we will look back and say, “oh yes. I remember that time, we have all come a long way.”

  2. I honestly don’t know what to think about homosexuality and sin. Who am I to judge? Seriously, if God can welcome me with my sin… I am not saying it is a sin, or it isn’t. I genuinely don’t know – it seems hard because on the one hand you have people saying the bible says xyz, but on the other hand people can’t help who they’re attracted to and why should I condemn someone for something that is at the same level as an instinct? I think if two people love each other and are prepared to commit to one another, I would advise them to pray and seek God before making a lifetime’s commitment. And I would say exactly the same to heterosexuals. If I was asked!

    It is so tempting to want to put people into boxes: ‘Look at those sinners over there! I’m so glad I’m not like them’. Boxes allow me to feel in control. Boxes exist because of my fear. When I was a child my friend’s parents split up because her father was gay. The fallout from that still persists, even thirty years later.

  3. Ah, im glad you posted this, because i’ve been on the fence about this lately…i’ve been wanting to support gays for the simple fact that the messages they’ve been receiving from the church have brought nothing but pain, death and heartbreak, and that cannot be from God. My sadness for them prompted me to think outside the box when it comes to this subject, and I think its time to come out. Not as gay, bi, or anything like that..but as a straight ally of the lgbt community. Im terrified to think of what my mother will think or say if I tell her…

    I dont know if I will regret the decision to support, because for the majority of my life, I was told and believed it was sin. But for the sake of the lives of those hanging in the balance, we christians must go back to the drawing board and ask ourselves-if this were truly from God, the condemnation of gays, would it bring pain and lifelessness? Or should we re-evaluate our beliefs…

    This may be a selfish statement, but im scared for myself–i never thought i’d be here…but maybe this is where He wants me to be? If so, im gonna need his help to see the truth and make it through, cus I cant do this alone…its terrifying uncharted territory…

    • Good for you, N! Lol! yes go back and read about read my fear coming out as an ally or A Mom, Some Gays and the Bible. Those early ones really show my process.

      Now, is that ridiculous, how much fear has been put on us for supporting someone? Good grief! MAYBE we have a little too much heat on this topic? Maybe? You go, and do what God is calling. You won’t regret it… even if your mother goes into shock. Do we love Jesus and are we going to love those he loves (clue: everyone), or are we going to stick to the (Pharisaical) status quo?

      Come one, readers, encourage this lovely and courageous person! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • I feel better, N, just knowing that there are people like you in the world who are willing to question their beliefs and follow the path that God is leading them to follow. Thanks for your courage and your faith and, most of all, you willingness to change for the benefit of others. Blessings on you! Thanks for you inspiration!

  4. One thing that constantly frustrates and confuses me is this … IF a Christian person TRULY believes someone is living in sin … IF a Christian person TRULY believes someone is going to hell … IF a Christian person TRULY believes someone is misinformed, misguided or just flat out wrong … is it not a God ordained responsibility to show LOVE that sinning, hell-bound, misinformed person … to BE Jesus to that person … to BE a beacon of light to that person? Should they not WELCOME these people into their churches, their homes and their small groups? Should they not be Jesus to those people? By and large Christians are NOT doing this with the gay community, with their children, with their neighbors, or their families. EVEN if you disagree with a person, it is not God’s purpose for us to LOVE and LOVE well?? Is it not the goodness of God that leads mankind to repentance? Has anyone, anywhere EVER been brought into a relationship with Christ by being excluded, protested against, boycotted, thrown out of their home or excommunicated from their family?

    It is almost as if they are saying we don’t want you in our family, our church, our community and certainly we do not want you in our heaven … and not only do they imply that, they take extreme measures to try to make sure it happens … The arrogance is nauseating …

    I can have nothing but pity for someone who is that insecure in God and my heart breaks for the individuals who are being sacrificed at their alters of insecurity.

  5. Susan you are such an inspiration. Your every post certainly frees Hearts. I am thrilled with your ministry. peace and love sister.

  6. On Cheers, the two regulars had Dr Crane’s rat testing machine. One switch gave a peanut, the other gave an electric shock. They ended up repeatedly pressing the electric shock switch as it was bound to give a peanut eventually. It is only funny because it is true, and I only remember it because-

  7. Thank you, Susan, for this excellent post and all your wonderful ministry.

    Blessings, Jann

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