Do Gay People Have Better Sex Than Straight People?


“Sex with you is so good, we should celebrate it by having sex.”

Do LGBTQ people have better sex than straight people? Maybe they do. Just maybe they do. 🙂

This is Rob, Susan’s husband, writing today.

Great sex has nothing to do with whether or not you are gay or straight, but think about it…

I think one of the keys to great, intimate, passionate, wild, tender, beautiful sex is freedom.

Being free to just be yourself, to love yourself, to love others, to let someone else love you. To be open and vulnerable and naked – not just physically, but emotionally. This is what gives you that intimate connection that makes magic.

When someone in the LGBTQ community comes out and decides to finally live true to themselves – they lay it all on the line, with their family, closest friends, their faith community, and the world in general.

Scary as hell.

But, when a person stands up and says, “This is who I really am.” in a shaky but proud, bold voice, something changes in their hearts and lives.

They take the arrows of hate and rejection. The first one – perhaps from Mom or Dad – hurts so much. And the arrows keep coming and by the 100th arrow, maybe they just don’t hurt quite as much.

But they also take the love and acceptance.  The first one feels so affirming. And the love keeps coming and by the 100th person, it feels even better!

They open themselves up. They are vulnerable. They show the world who they really are.

They are free.

I deeply admire that.

It is something that most of us straight people rarely experience – but it can inspire us to be more open and vulnerable.

That kind of vulnerability and being true to yourself does good for our souls in more ways than we can imagine and one of those is freedom.

And living free helps you share your heart, and receive another person’s heart more intimately.

And that makes for a better life.

This post is not really about sex – it is about the joys of being who you are, of living free.

But… freedom does lead to better sex. So see, I think I might be right. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Do Gay People Have Better Sex Than Straight People?

  1. OK, seems nobody will admit it, but I do think gay sex is better than ‘straight’ sex…WAY better! For one, it is who I was really meant to be with…not who everyone else said I was supposed to be with. But, more importantly, it is much more of a shared experience than ‘straight’ sex. It is really about the other person…if you know what I mean. 🙂

    And, yes, the biggest part of it is the feeling of being free to be my true self.

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