“Jesus Christ!” Curse or Praise??


You open the book, the words clearly say, ‘Rob stood up and said “Jesus Christ!”’  Was I cursing or offering praise? How do you know?

This is Rob, Susan’s husband, writing today.

There is no way to know, or to know the true meaning of what I said, and the heart behind my words, if you do not know my motivation for saying it, my audience, and the culture in which I said it.

But you could go around saying, “Rob said ‘Jesus Christ!’”  That would be accurate.

But it would be inaccurate to say that I was cursing or to say that I was praising. The likely motivation for you saying either of those things would be to convey I was doing something bad or good – in your eyes.

The same is true with each of the Bible “clobber passages” used in the LGBTQ debate – and, honestly, other passages in countless issues.

It is not accurate to just open up your Bible and read the words – and then use them to support your condemnation of LGBTQ. It is not only inaccurate – it is intellectually and spiritually dishonest, and usually incredibly hurtful and damaging.

As with the example of me saying “Jesus Christ!”, you must know the motivation of the author, their audience, and the culture in which they lived – plus, you need to know the original language, and even the history of the book and subsequent translations.

Just reading the words is not taking a high view of Scripture.

If you take your Bible seriously, if you want to take it literally, you must go deeper, you must understand all these variables.

If you do, if you are willing to step outside your box and take a journey, your eyes, mind, and heart just may be opened.

It will certainly rattle some of your core beliefs, and that could be scary. It’s often the case that you have to disentangle Jesus from Christianity in order to uncover his truth. But it will be beautiful and glorious.

Are you willing?

11 thoughts on ““Jesus Christ!” Curse or Praise??

  1. I told a Christian this very thing today….she replied with the Bible verse 2 Timothy:4. She thinks we bend the scriptures to suit our issue. I just don’t understand Christians NOT researching the truth instead of just taking it literally. But it is obvious that most Christians are exactly like that. I don’t see how they will ever change or open their eyes. So frustrating to me.

    • It is frustrating, Chris. But I believe that not too many years from now, Christians will view gay marriage the same as they view interracial marriage (which they used scripture to fight tooth and nail not many years ago). Take heart!

  2. Hi Susan, As ever I enjoy reading your blog and this one by Rob is no exception. Do you have a list of “clobber” passages you could pass on to me? I like to research and develop my own apologetic on issues. I was thinking I would post some of my conclusions on the FB page for my book, if that is OK with you. Blessings, Paula

    Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti paula.trimblefamiletti@yahoo.com WhyBelieve1.blogspot.com http://www.drtrimblefamiletti.com

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