Jesus Blog: Restore the Beauty of Home


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

Home. A place of welcome, acceptance, rejuvenation. A place to be safe and to be loved, without condition. A beautifully designed space of rest.

But beautiful things break down in the using – or the misusing.

Families can turn a safe haven into a concentration camp, so those within have no place of escape. Families throw over their privileged position as your ‘Biggest Fan’ – replacing it with ‘Biggest Detractor’.

Those within suffer a thousand deaths because of it.

They forget how much I love them. They forget their privilege as part of a family and take on roles I never gave them.

I weep for my children so hurt by parents in homes like these.

Let me be your home.

Let me be your welcome, acceptance, rest, safety, and unbounded love.

Put your weight on me. Rest in me.

Come in. I will restore the beauty of home.

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