Taking Pro-Gay to Seminary! :-)


Guess what? I start seminary next month. Yes, the opportunity came out of the blue — exactly the way God brings opportunities to me. God has led me clearly in this. The knowledge and credentials (Master of Divinity M.Div.) I’ll gain will strengthen FreedHearts – especially in the area of speaking truth to pastors, churches and Christian leaders.

It is a progressive seminary, and I look forward to learning a lot. But I am also excited to share my perspective and point of view – especially on LGBTQ issues.

I’m thrilled! I’ve always wanted to go to seminary. I approached my pastor at 23 years old to say I would like to be a pastor. His response: “Women can’t be pastors.” That was the end of the conversation. No asking what about it appealed to me, what did I want to achieve by going, none of that.

Finally now, after 27 years of marriage and five grown kids, God is whispering, “It’s your turn!” I feel that with every post and book I write, every word I teach, every life and heart I counsel.

I will continue everything with FreedHearts – and there are even new books and expanded speaking opportunities over the next few months. I have a renewed passion and commitment for this work, and I look forward to seeing how seminary enhances that.

I dreamed recently that I lay on the edge of a pool that was way over my head throughout. No shallow end – only deep and deeper! The narrow edge where I lay was inclined so I was in danger of rolling in. I had to ask Rob to take my hand and pulled me up, so I wouldn’t roll in over my head into the pool.

That husband of mine helps me so much. Seriously, FreedHearts would not be possible without Rob planning events, editing, organizing workshops, and everything else that’s on his plate. And sometimes writing beautiful posts.

It’s going to be incredible. I could not have predicted what has happened since our daughter came out four years ago, and since we started FreedHearts last year, so I don’t worry about the future.

I am just doing what God is calling me to do: Speaking my heart, sharing God’s truth, continuing to learn and grow, and following where God leads.

Freeing hearts to love and be loved – by God and others.

What a journey! Thanks for being there with me.

40 thoughts on “Taking Pro-Gay to Seminary! :-)

  1. Very exciting, Susan! Many congratulations to you and blessings on you in your endeavors. I am sure that furthering your education will bring about greater changes in your life than you can expect. Godspeed and favor!

  2. I wish you the best in your studies. I am a gay christian woman who loves God with all I have. I went to bible college, graduated with BA in Bible and Christian Education. Since I was 16 I have wanted to be a preacher. After doing several sunday services over the years while in high school and college at my home church, I wanted to be ordained. My church refused me because I was a woman. So unfair. I am a christian woman who wants to share God’s word as a preacher and cannot just because I am a woman. I sent away for my ordination papers on the internet. I want to be what I call an ‘evangelical public speaker’, since I cannot be a preacher. My problem, I do not know where or how to get started. I am now 54 and the desire is still as strong as it was when I was in college. Any idea what I can do to start and pursue my life dream? May God Bless You

  3. I too was told in my 20s that women didn’t go to seminary, that they couldn’t be pastors. I was in my 40s when I started, and it was the biggest, best leap of faith I’ve ever taken. May you be encouraged, strengthened and love every minute of it.

  4. Great job Susan!!!

    I too have thought of seminary school.
    At the age of 18, just didn’t pursue it, and on and off over the last several years. 🙂 🙂

    Yes, you must keep up FreedHearts………. and we are here to support you all the way!!!!!

  5. I am very excited to hear all of this! And your dream…. you do need your husband, right there with you, and God has you both serving one purpose, with slightly different roles. Together you are making an impact. I look forward to hearing much, much more as time goes on! Proud of you, Susan!

  6. Susan, everything that you are doing and that God is leading you to do is a blessing. I am a lesbian Christian and I wanted to say that reading this and knowing that we have someone like you is amazing. Keep pushing. Jessie Smith PHX AZ

  7. Congratulations, Susan! They are lucky to have you and your perspective. I’m a HUGE proponent of education (I was as an education major :-)). The more you know the more you can empower others with your knowledge and wisdom. Go get ’em!

  8. This is awesome!!!! So glad you are finally getting to do what you wanted to do so many years ago. Isn’t it just great how God’s timing is perfect? He knows what we need exactly when we need it, and He’s right there to give it to us. Wishing you the best! Thanks for all you do!

  9. This is awesome! It’s so exciting to see how God is changing hearts and using you in the process! Remind those kids of yours how many dinners you fixed for them as they crammed for their tests! LOL!

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