Shedding Religion to Embrace Life


“You have no obligation to defend your journey. There is no jury for you to answer to. Speak your truth with authenticity and conviction. Stop trying to accommodate people who don’t agree with you.”

Loved this from Jim Palmer and thought you would, too.

Memo to Shedders:

As you deconstruct and shed your former “Christian” beliefs, you will likely be told that you are “New Age” or some other label, meant to cast a dark cloud over you and your journey. I was recently told that I “wandered away from Christianity.” My response was that I didn’t “wander,” but quite intentionally abandoned institutional “Christianity” in order to fully embrace Jesus’ truth.

Other people don’t have the authority to define for you what your journey with Jesus is or looks like. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Who died and made you pope?” I think you get my point. No human being has the right to tell you what it’s “suppose to be.” What it’s supposed to be is whatever it is as you move forward, connecting to what’s real inside you.

You have no obligation to defend your journey. There is no jury for you to answer to. Speak your truth with authenticity and conviction. Stop trying to accommodate people who don’t agree with you. Stop editing and toning down what is real to you because you are worried about what some people think. Of course some people are going to think you are deceived, deluded, apostate, confused, foolish, and in danger of all sorts of horrible things and punishments from God. So!

We have to remember how out-of-sync Jesus was with his contemporaries, those who expected a religious leader and got Jesus instead.  He firmly grabbed the corners of the religious rug and yanked.


The ones who resonated the most were those who needed kindness and couldn’t find it from “respectable” people. His amazing kindness has no end.

If you are “shedding,” as Palmer says, do not ever fear you are too extreme in your love, acceptance and kindness to those who need it — to any fellow human being. We should be much more afraid of being too accepted, respectable to the status quo. We should be most concerned about being religious.

Are you being called deceived, deluded, confused, foolish, taking grace too far, radical? So!

You’re in good company – so was Jesus.


10 thoughts on “Shedding Religion to Embrace Life

  1. Wow I can relate to this so much right now. My fundamentalist Christian parents will be here in less than an hour, the first time I’ll be seeing them face to face since I told them I no longer believed in God. I feel so scared of what the next 10 days will look like while they’ll be here. Will I have to defend myself constantly, something I’m just terrible at doing with my family? Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to.

  2. Wow, well said! Directly into the my life right now. Just started a blog to start reaching other LGBTI. I honestly believe that this is something God called me out to do. But on the way to and through my journey I have found myself fearful and second guessing myself and the Holy Spirit leading. Your post is timely and God sent. From the first time I found your blog God has been tearing down my fear, preconceived beliefs and my own personal homophobia towards myself.

    Thanks Susan and God Bless you.

  3. I just sent this to you in an email, scary, ….”Man made Religion has clogged the system, be a Christian and a Jesus follower.” Human kind is flawed, and so are many churches.” 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂

    Keep praying and seeking!!!!

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