Jesus Blog: If There’s No Love In It, It’s Not Me


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

Don’t be afraid of me. Whatever you’ve been told about me, if it makes you afraid, then it’s not true. God is love, and perfect love exposes and chases away fear.

So many people are consumed by fear. I don’t motivate people by fear. I motivate by love.

Have you noticed the people I’ve embraced in the Bible? One after another they came to me, and I always put their fears to rest. No matter who they were or what they had done, they could come to me unafraid.

The only exception to that is those who judge people harshly… in God’s name. Honestly, they should have been more afraid – that is, more afraid to speak for God in such an unloving and hard way.

Did you know that people who speak harshly to those who are seeking and hurt don’t speak for God? People who come in my name to bring judgement, condemnation, fear… they do not speak for me.

If there’s no life in it, it’s not me. If there’s no love in it, it’s not me.

Be at peace, my friend. Press into me. I’ll give you life that’s out of this world!

8 thoughts on “Jesus Blog: If There’s No Love In It, It’s Not Me

  1. That’s a good word. So many people out there need to read this blog and understand what this truth is . Now Is the time to get to know him and surrender your all to him and Experience His love & blessings … Thank you Susan , well said .

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