Jesus Blog: The Time is Now


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

I never told anyone to write down the things I said when I was here. I never told anyone to start a religion in my name.

I told people to love God and love others. And I told people to follow me.

That’s all I ask of you… follow me. Just one step at a time.

The past is over, the future is a mystery, all you have is now – and it is in the now that you experience God.

Time is a human concept and I know how your thoughts and hearts focus on the past and worry about the future.

Just be here now.

Just be.

One step at a time is the perfect way to move through this world. I know you see mountains ahead and they seem high and scary and you try to figure out how you are ever going to get over them. Your thoughts are so on the mountains ahead that you lose sight of the step before you.

You miss opportunities to love. You miss opportunities to be loved. You stumble.

I may be leading you on a easy path up or around those mountains – a path you cannot see from your perspective. Or the path may be hard, and I will give you strength.

Stay focused on the now. Take the next step. Follow me.

I love you.

Just be…

Love how I loved. Love who I loved.

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