Back to Square One – The Perfect Place


Rob and I were having dinner with friends, a couple who are parents of a gay child. The Dad said, “I grew up where life was sort of gray, meaning I could see everyone’s point of view. Then we began to go to bible studies, and church and my world became very black and white. I could tell you what was right and what was wrong. Then my son came out… I just had to accept him and love him, period. Seems like we’re back to square one.”

Rob said, “You know what, I’m not sure there should be a square two.”


Jesus cut through all the religion and confusion and shame, and gave us all a very simple instruction: love God and love others.

That’s square one.

He doesn’t really point us to square two. He says everything that concerns us on square two and beyond will fit right there on square one. We don’t need to worry about it.

Just sit and rest. It’s okay to feel like you are back to square one in your spirituality. It’s the perfect place to be.

Tommy went on to say, “The best things in my life have been the hardest. Matt coming out was hard but was among the very best.”

Love. Acceptance. Trust.

It’s simple – and it’s all right there on square one.


8 thoughts on “Back to Square One – The Perfect Place

  1. I have two daughters who are not gay. So far they’re both married and happily (ish). But I have felt a time or twelve that I’ve been “back to square one.” When the figurative rug got yanked out from underneath me I sat on the counter in our kitchen and said to my husband, “I feel like we’re going backwards.” It’s been the best thing that ever could have happened. I wouldn’t have picked it, which says something about me. And would be good to remember the next time shit hits the fan. Thanks for this, Susan!

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