The Ultimate Question: What If You’re Wrong?


Are we so terrified of an angry God that we choose to err of the side of judging a person instead of loving them?

Unfortunately, the answer is “yes” for much of the church. And it is destroying the lives of people and entire families – many of whom we call brothers and sisters in Christ.

What if it is wrong to condemn same-sex relationships?  What if it is wrong to affirm same-sex relationships?

“What if you’re wrong?” 

It is an important question, and for those on both sides of the issue, it is a question that must be answered.

Whether you are convinced that homosexuality is wrong, or if you are convicted that we have misinterpreted these handful of scriptures — either way, we are called to love, unconditionally.

And we have done a poor job of it.

It is not our job to correct and control other people’s behavior. God is well able to guide us in truth — on any issue at any time. God sent the Spirit to do just that. We are called to love each other and trust God with everything else. Jesus railed only on the self-sufficient, self-righteous, never on the tenderhearted.

If you judge, condemn, reject, shun and shame those in the LGBTQI community and their families, and you are wrong, what is the result? Devastated lives, people who want absolutely nothing to do with the Jesus you are convinced they desperately need.

If you unconditionally love, affirm and accept those in the LGBTQI community and their families, and you are wrong, what is the result?  You focused on the heart instead of on any behavior – as Jesus did. Love, joy, kindness, relationship – the aroma of Jesus.

I am perfectly okay if I stand face-to-face with God and am told, “Susan, you loved way too much!”

Listen to your heart. Hear God’s Spirit leading you. Love others, and trust God with all the rest. You may not have all the answers yet, but if you are going to err, do it on the side of love.

If you have to chose between love and doing what is right, chose love because love is always right.

We have comprehensive video courses helping those in the faith community be more loving and fully inclusive; helping parents love, accept & affirm their LGBTQI children; and helping LGBTQI heal shame from family, church and community wounds. Please click here. 🙂

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