A Letter from Susan

In our post yesterday, we reminded you of our new FreedHearts website. I sure hope you visit us. I wanted to write a personal letter here on our WordPress blog - just to share my heart, my vision and my hope. If you are in the evangelical church, or if you are in the LGBTQ … Continue reading A Letter from Susan

NEW Website, Books and Resources!

We wanted to let you know that all the information about FreedHearts, details of Susan Cottrell's books, other key programs, and all of our resources are now located at our new website! Visit the main Susan Cottrell FreedHearts website at: http://freedhearts.org Email us at freedhearts@gmail.com Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 8161, Austin, TX 78713-8161

Dear Susan: Are Gays God’s Second-Best?

Too many in the non-affirming church say this type of thing... Gays are just born 'broken', a result of sin, family curse, tendencies that are not 'God's ideal.'  Gays can't help it - but they need to be 'fixed.' People have no idea how deeply offensive this is and how contrary to the truth and … Continue reading Dear Susan: Are Gays God’s Second-Best?

Dear Susan: What About Sleepovers?

As parents of LGBTQ children, sometimes we are just starting to be at peace with our child coming out and they drop a bomb on us that the love in their life wants to sleep over! Okey dokey then. Something else to deal with. It's all part of this journey of growth, trust and unconditional … Continue reading Dear Susan: What About Sleepovers?

Dear Susan: Does My Gay Son Have a Reprobate Mind?

"Does my gay son need to come back to a normal life? Did God give him a reprobate mind because of bad influences? Is my gay son condemned by God and will he face God's judgment?" I hear these questions a lot and I look forward to addressing them today. I write Dear Susan posts … Continue reading Dear Susan: Does My Gay Son Have a Reprobate Mind?

Dear Susan: Is Christianity Selfish?

I write Dear Susan posts every Friday. Sometimes they will be poignant, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes tender, sometimes funny… but hopefully always worth the read.  🙂 Dear Susan, Christianity is all about being selfless. (Or is it?) The thing that they market the most is how life will be better after you ‘choose Jesus.’ “How much … Continue reading Dear Susan: Is Christianity Selfish?

Dear Susan: We are Afraid of Church Judgment

I can only imagine the rejection and judgment someone in the LGBTQ community feels - especially gays who happen to also be Christian. The ways they are hurt by the church and those in the church - all in Jesus' name - breaks my heart. I, as the parent of a gay child, have experienced … Continue reading Dear Susan: We are Afraid of Church Judgment