Does Jesus Ask You to Love LGBTQ?

I recently heard from yet another Christian mom whose daughter was rejected by their extended family. They had rallied around in love and sacrifice to accommodate the significant physical challenge she was born with, but when she revealed her same-sex attraction, their unconditional love became, well, conditional. We love you – but we cannot accept this … Continue reading Does Jesus Ask You to Love LGBTQ?

Why We Hurt Those Who Grieve

My dear friend Linda Robertson posted this morning about the pain she experienced in church following their son Ryan’s death. She poured her heart out about all the things people do and say: from walking away when they see you coming, to asking if you’re better yet two weeks after the death, to saying Ryan … Continue reading Why We Hurt Those Who Grieve

What Happens When They Come For You?

What happens when the church or society decides that something in your life is now a "particularly evil sin?" What happens when they come for you? We have been evangelicals for 24 years -- last weekend we visited an open and affirming church in Austin. I was struck by the immediate kindness, compassion and intimacy … Continue reading What Happens When They Come For You?

Stop “Acting Like a Christian”

"I wasn't allowed to go to the fair," he told me, "because I had become a Christian. My mother said, 'Christians don't go to the fair.' But since my brother Bill was not a Christian, he was allowed to go." What? This was Jim's explanation -- after I'd shared my faith with him -- of … Continue reading Stop “Acting Like a Christian”

Focus Hocus-Pocus

"What gets your focus gets you." Mike Wells Mike Wells, a beautiful servant of Christ, died one year ago today. Mike taught me what it means to abide in Christ. He illuminated Colossians 1:27: "Christ in you, the hope of glory!" He lived his ministry tagline: "There's nothing the nearness of Christ cannot overcome." … Continue reading Focus Hocus-Pocus